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We, the Supporters of the People’s Charter of Political Values, believe that a gap has grown between the British people and our elected officials.  There is a lack of trust and understanding.  We want to change that.  We believe that our elected officials should support, and live by, the following six values in all that they do:


1.    FACT BEFORE OPINION – let’s discuss facts before we debate ideas.


2.   ACTIONS OVER WORDS – let’s trust what is done before we believe what is said.


3.   RESPECT FOR THE OPINIONS AND ACTIONS OF OTHERS – let our actions be seen and our words be heard.


4.   HONESTY IN DECISION-MAKING - from start to finish, let decisions be made in a spirit of openness and honesty.


5.   PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT WE DO – let’s stand by the choices we make.


6.   THE VALUES OF THE CHARTER BEFORE PERSONAL GAIN – let’s serve the people who elect us above all else.  


If you support the values of the Charter of Political Values, please ask your elected officials, or candidates for election, if they support the Charter.  Then, hold them to their promise.

Together, we can rebuild the trust between the British people and our elected officials.